Roland Micro Cube GX Review

Roland Micro Cube GX Review

In this post we’ll be doing an in depth Roland Micro Cube GX review. This brand has been a top seller for over 10 years and is the most popular battery-powered amp of all time. They have their foot in the music industry, having been the first brand to introduce these tiny practice amps. They provide outstanding quality and convenient sound features all at an affordable price.

Have you seen anything this tiny that can make such a massive impact? The Roland Micro Cube GX is one of the best practice amps on the market and we will tell you exactly why. Street performers will tell you this is their go-to amps, because of their durability properties and compact, portable use. You can take this anywhere you going and it will perform.

The original Micro Cube GX had 2 watts of power and this one has a slight upgrade to 3. That being said, the loudness of the amp surprises even the most experienced busker performing artists. The sound is perfect for outdoor and indoor events. Some guitarists reported using this device with a full band, so it has a bang for the dollar. There are some onboard effects settings on this amp with amp modeling. Use the Micro Cube GX for up to 25 hours on only 6 AA batteries.

The Micro Cube GX produces a very versatile sound. The forcefulness of the tone is great for blues and rock. If you lean towards the more mellow jazz sound or the hair-raising metal distortion, this mini amp will deliver thanks to the COSM amps.

The panel on the top is easy to use for any beginner. It is easy to switch between the 8 COSM or known as the 8 Composite Object Sound Modelling amp models. The COSM metric is a type of Digital Signal Processing or DSP used for replicating the sound of different amplifiers.

You can pick up the Micro Cube GX in black, white, and red, making the variants perfect for any setting.


If you look at the Roland Micro Cube GX, you will be surprised how many features this little bad boy has.

Here is what lies in the top panel from left to right: i-Cube Link/ Aux-in, Amp type, EFX, Delay/Reverb, Tuner

Here is what lies on the bottom half: Input, COSM amplifier that houses the gain, volume, and tone controls, Master tuner, and the power switch.

One feature we love is what they call the 8 COSM amps. These are 8 different models of settings you can use to play different genres of music. This makes it such a versatile little amplifier and the very best in battery-operated amps.

The 8 COSM the Roland Micro Cube GX provides:

  • Jazz Chorus Clean – If you want a smoother tone with a clean sound, then this is the way to go.
  • Acoustic Simulator – This is a mode for that distinct acoustic sound.
  • Black Panel – This mode comes with rich lows and a bright high end.
  • British Combo – If you feeling like you want to pull back time to the 60s then this British invasion gives you a wide variety of tones.
  • Classic Stack – You want that in your face rock sounds perfect for any occasion.
  • R-Fier Stack – If you are a fan of metal and grunge, then tune it to this setting for higher gains.
  • Extreme – Is death metal your favorite? Rock out with this very high gain setting and deep distortion
  • Mic – Use with a vocal microphone

Others features settings you will see on the amp include:

Delay/Reverb settings

There is a separate control for these options that will help with your sound quality. It is time-based effect musicians use to thicken up the vocals throughout the phrase.

Chromatic Tuner

A useful feature when it comes to tuning different guitar tunes. This takes the signal and tells you exactly what note it is, enabling you to tune the string to the desired note.

Memory Feature

This is one of the newest features to hit the Micro Cube GX model. You can save a sound set with a click of the button to use for another time. It likens to that of a dual-channel amp where you can flick between the saved setting or having it in the normal mode.


There are more effects that add to the reverb and delay section.

You have a chorus effect that copies and thickens them by playing them back with a slight delay.

There is the flanger effect that is similar to the chorus effect but with more modulating delay times.

Phasers effects are like that of flangers but the phaser comes with a core sweeping function.

A tremolo effect is useful for variations in volume. It creates the sensation of motion.

Heavy octave effects can be used to make them sound more aggressive or convert the guitar to a bass-like tone.

iCube Link

This features boats a welcome use to the more modern-day era. You can connect our IOS device whether that is an iPhone, iPad,iPod, etc. This is done using a 3.5mm jack. There is room for other music players as well depending on what you may use such as an Android device. What better way to control your device than by getting your FREE app known as CUBE JAM available for IOS devices. This allows you to record your music and post-produce using the Roland Micro Cube GX.


So what are the advantages of owning this beautifully crafted amp?

  1. Rich tones and depth of power considering its small design

If you take a look at the design for the first time, you will never know how powerful or loud it can be. Many users love the sound quality especially for the price that you pay

  1. There are many built-in sound effects

If you need special sound effects then this is your amp. Switch between chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, or a heavy octane. The variety of the different sound effects make it a welcome addition to any amp.

  1. A broad range of amp models

This makes it one of the more versatile amps. Set it to any amp model you like with its variety of playing styles from acoustic sim to extreme rock. This has everything a player would want in an amp.

  1. Easy to use

There are a few knobs and switches but it isn’t too complicated. All the access to the different modes and sound effects is one turn knob away from working. After a while, even the beginner of all beginners will be able to operate this device.

  1. Compact and portable

The small design makes it perfect for on-the-go buskers. Take it to your local restaurant or sidewalk for instant playing access

  1. Well built

It is built to last. The lightweight design makes it more durable in case of the amp falling over. Customers are surprised at how long it can last and this is what made it such a successful product.


This may be a top-tier product on the market, but like many good things, there are some slight drawbacks.

  1. You, unfortunately, can’t connect both a guitar and microphone at the same time

What many musicians are crying out for is the ability to connect both devices at the same time. This is one of the main setbacks, as many guitarists prefer to have that easy access feature in their amps.

  1. The chromatic tuner can be difficult to use for your beginner players

This tuner is for finding the right note and tuning that to the desired sound. For beginners, this may be difficult to find that specific note. It takes time and knowledge of different sounds to be able to use this function to its fullest.

  1. Although there are some reports of it being used with a full band, we would advise against it

Some musicians have claimed to use this with a full band but based on our testing and how it was made, it is for an individual. If you push the boundaries too far it may very well damage the amp.

  1. Some of the sound effects it has can be better

Since there are many sound effects and amp models, the general sound is quite good but it doesn’t specialize in one specific tone. It performs well but other more specialized amps will perform better.


Power Output:

– 3W


– 12 cm * 1

Nominal Input Level:

INPUT: -10 dBu/1 M ohm



– Power switch

– AMP Type switch (Acoustic sim, JC Clean, Black Panel, Brit combo, Classic stack, R-Fier stack, Extreme, Mic)

– Memory button

– Tuner button

– Gain knob

– Volume knob

– Tone knob

– EFX knob (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremelo, Heavy octave)

– Delay/Reverb knob

– Master knob


– Memory

– Power


– Tuner

– Delay/Reverb


– i-Cube Link/Aux-In jack (4-pole miniature phone type)

– DC IN jack

– Rec Out/Phones jack (Stereo miniature phone type)

– Input jack (1/4-inch phone type)

Power Supply:

– AC adaptor

– Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 6

– Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 6

Current Draw:

– 155 mA

Expected Battery Life:

– Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: Approximately 25 hours (When using batteries having a capacity of 2,400 mAh.)

– Alkaline battery: Approximately 20 hours


– Owner’s Manual

– Mini cable (4-pole miniature phone type)

– AC adaptor

– Strap

Size and Weight


– 227 mm

– 8-15/16 inches


– 172 mm

– 6-13/16 inches


– 247 mm

– 9-3/4 inches


– 2.7 kg

– 5 lbs. 16 oz.

Roland Micro Cube GX Review – Summary

The Roland Micro Cube GX has some of the best reviews you can get on any music industry product ever. As stated previously, they are leading the brand for battery operated amps and specialize specifically in it.

This a big positive when it comes to customer satisfaction. Musicians have been crying out for a battery-operated amp as it is the perfect on-the-go tool. Buskers love it and you are sure to get every bit of value out of this product. With not many battery operated amps on the market this is perfect for those not wanting a full fledged expensive amp they will need a long extension cord for If you are looking for a portable, battery-operated amp then I see no reason why not to choose anything else other than the Roland Micro Cube GX.

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