Orange Micro Terror Review

Orange Micro Terror Review

Are you looking for a super small amp that you can literally put in your guitar bag and go with? This ultra compact amp is really small! And in my Orange Micro Terror review I’ll show you why sometimes size really doesn’t matter when it comes to some bone crunching sounds.


You don’t always need the largest, most powerful amp out there. In fact, in some cases, going for a smaller amp is the better move for portability, practicing at home, playing in small venues, or simply saving some money on your musical equipment.

This is one of those “lunchbox amps” like the Strymon Iridium, so called because of their small size. These amp definitely have their place in the music world as most guitarists will tell you.

However, shopping for a lunchbox amp isn’t always smooth sailing. With the increasing number of products on the market, it can be quite difficult to decide which amp really works and which doesn’t. You must have run into the Orange Micro Terror amp, and you’re wondering if it’s any good.

Well, to make your decision a little easier, here’s an in-depth Orange Micro Terror review. We’ll be covering everything about the Orange Micro Terror, from its pros and cons to its construction and sound output, so stick around!

Orange Micro Terror Amp Review: Short Answer

Simply, this amp is perfect for seemingly anyone. Whether you’re a guitarist who’s seeking a little amp to use for practicing, or you’re a performer who needs a decent amp for small avenues, the Orange Micro Terror is for you. And if you need something a little more powerful, you can always check out our Orange Micro Dark review here.

Despite its incredibly small size, this amp is outstandingly loud; you won’t even believe it at first. To keep it straightforward, this amp doesn’t offer many controls; it just has the basics that any guitarist needs, and that’s about it.

We’ve also just reviewed the newest addition to the Orange line, the Orange Crush 20. It’s the newest version of this amp, just a tiny bit more expensive.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable enough for travel
  • High-quality build
  • The hybrid amp offers the best of both worlds


  • Only has a limited range of controls

Dimensions and Construction

I have to start with the elephant in the room, which is how tiny this amp is. Weighing just 1.87 lbs, this is an amp that you can easily carry around, making it perfect for travelers and those who are constantly on the go.

On top of that, the amp has dimensions of 6.5 x 5.31 x 3.7 inches, so it can easily fit into your guitar bag without taking up any space. To give you a better perspective of how tiny it really is, this amp is only slightly larger than your phone. Also, the amp has a metal handle that you can use to increase portability.

orange micro terror front view

Construction-wise, the Orange Micro Terror has a high-tensile steel finish that’s white in color with a nice stripe of orange, keeping it true to the brand’s name and theme.


Being a 20-watt amp, the Orange Micro Terror is an excellent choice for upcoming guitarists who perform for small crowds and for practicing at home or studio without causing too much noise. Still, 20 watts is enough to get you through a gig if you pair this amp with the right speakers.

When I first received the amp, I was a doubter. Its incredibly small size forced me to assume that the amp won’t sound that loud, so I cranked up the volume to about halfway. I was shocked, to say the least. This tiny amp left me in awe of how loud it really is.


Solid-state amps are professionals’ favorite kind of amps because of how reliable they are. On top of that, their tones are usually quite clean, and they’re budget-friendly. Sadly, this kind of amps can’t really deal with heavy distortion.

On the other hand, tube amps produce warmer tones and louder sounds. What’s more, tube amps can switch between clean and distorted tones easily. However, they’re a little more difficult to maintain.

So, you now must be wondering which category this amp falls under, and the answer is both. The Orange Micro Terror is a hybrid amp that offers the best of both worlds.

orange micro terror back view

Physically, most hybrid amps are constructed with a tube and a solid-state circuit, and the Orange Micro Terror is no exception. This amp is made using a 12AX7 tube and a 20-watt solid-state circuit.

That way, you’ll be getting a warmer sound, thanks to the preamp tube that’s still clean and can handle heavy distortion with its 20-wattage rating. I just wish it could be completely portable and work with just batteries like the Roland Micro Cube GX.


When testing this amp (just like any other amp), I tend to try different genres to see what it can and can’t do. To my surprise, this compact unit performed really well across all categories. From rock and jazz all the way to pop and country, it just left me in awe of how good it sounded.

However, you might need an external distortion pedal if you want to reach the overdrive in most metal songs.
Sound Review

Even though this amp doesn’t have a built-in speaker, you can connect it to an external speaker cabinet with an impedance of 8-16 ohms.

When you turn the gain up, you’ll find yourself with crunchy, distorted tones that are hard to compete with, especially considering this amp’s price point. However, there’s a disadvantage to this amp that I have to mention; its tones aren’t the cleanest out there, even on low volume settings.


The Orange Micro Terror only offers three controls: volume, gain, and tone, which are the basic controls you need in any amp.

It only has a single-tone knob, which isn’t as versatile as one would hope for. Still, I wouldn’t count that as a significant disadvantage because this is a 20-watt amp that’s only intended for small avenues or practicing at home.

This doesn’t have the technology bells and whistles like Bluetooth the Joyo Bantamp Zombie has, but it’s also less expensive.

The amp has an AUX input port which you can use to connect to an external device and play your favorite backing tracks that you can practice along to. It also has a headphone out port that you can use to connect the amp to your headphones, so you can practice all you want without causing any noise or disturbance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Orange Micro Terror Be Used for Practicing at Home?

Yes! Thanks to its AUX input and output ports, you can plug in your headphones and another device to play the backing tracks that you practice along with. Besides, this amp is relatively compact in size and budget-friendly.

Is the Orange Micro Terror Loud Enough to Gig With?

Absolutely. Don’t let its small size fool you into thinking that this amp won’t produce sounds loud enough for small gigs because it can and it will. You just need to connect the amp to the right sound cabinet like the Roland JC-22, and you’re all good to go.

Is the Orange Micro Terror Worth the Money?

I would confidently say that yes, this amp is worth the money. It offers everything you might need in an amp, from clean and distorted tones to enough controls to get you moving. If you need even more information, you can go to the official Orange website here.

Orange Micro Terror Review – Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything there is about the Orange Micro Terror amp, you should be able to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Personally, I strongly believe that this amp is an excellent choice for anyone. Whether you’ll be using it for practicing at home or for small venues, it can keep up with you.

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