Learning to play guitar can be a complicated process. We want to make it easier for you.

I’m not going to deny it, there are already a ton of great resources on the internet all about learning how to play guitar. What we hope to achieve here, is to provide a different perspective on the equipment, learning, and techniques required for beginners. As well as answering common questions that other advanced guitar courses may not necessarily touch on.

Personally, I’ve been playing guitar on and off for about 25 years. I’m not an expert, but because I’m self-taught, I can offer a different approach for beginners, especially adults, who want to start playing for fun and not professionally.

If your objective, however, is to play guitar professionally, this may not be the right place for you. You’ll still get valuable insights and tips to at least get you off the ground.

Why we exist!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been playing guitar on and off for over 25 year, and so music has always been part of my life. Throughout my journey (and as most things in life — true for all of us), I’ve picked up a few tricks by being forced to think outside the box.

But not only that!

I’ve also met great musicians and awesome guitar players, and I’ve picked up a few things from them too.

I want to share those tricks, tips, techniques, solutions, and ideas with you. Hopefully, I can help ignite your imagination in some way, perhaps help you innovate on your guitar, or maybe close a knowledge gap that you may have been looking for.

If you can learn one thing from our content here, I’ll be a happy guy 🙂

We want to support you through the beginning stages of playing guitar!

Another thing that’s worth mentioning, is that you won’t just hear about my experience in playing or learning guitar. You will also hear from others!

That’s right. I’m always looking for new opinions, a different perspective on things, interesting tips, and suggestions from other musicians that can help our readers here. Some of them provide feedback, advice, viewpoints, or simply contribute or produce content for our readers.

How do we actually make money?

We want to be honest and completely transparent with our readers and so adding this section was important to us.

First of all, our website is reader-supported. Readers like you in fact! For instance, if you were to click on a link on our website, we may earn a commission. Same if you were to buy something using that same link on our site.

By earning those commissions, we are able to keep this project alive and strive to always bring you new and interesting content. Simple as that.

To be absolutely clear

We are NOT asking you to click on anything. We never will. In fact, you don’t have to click on anything in order to enjoy the content here. If you would like more information on this, please read our Affiliate Disclaimer.

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